Commercial/Retail A functional landscape works to create the setting and business identity. It should be concise, simple to understand and negotiate. 

The landscape setting for the marketplace, whether it be neighborhood or destination, is the impression and the attraction; the participation and enjoyment. 

Multi-Family Housing/Senior Living*   The landscape setting joins the project together as "community."
As homeowners and tenants, our sense of "home" is a basic human need.  

The approach, common areas, courtyards, green space, amenities, walks, atmosphere and architecture all contribute to this home atmosphere. 

Office/Institutional *  The place where we work and learn.  The setting for our work environment provides  a business identity.  It should be clear to understand and navigate.

An institutional landscape environment is a part of our learning, entertainment and understanding of the human experience.

Parks & Recreation*   We sit, walk, jog and bike through our green spaces.  The natural experience is our connectivity to the environment.  

We exercise and are challanged on the fields and courts of our parks. They are places to test our limits; a place to enjoy our friends
Residential/Garden*  To create a home environment which can be tailored to your personality and intended uses. The sense of "home" is an interior and exterior experience. 

The garden is a place for peace and comfort. It provides food for the senses: plants to touch, smell, and taste and sounds to hear, or a place of quiet and solitude.

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